Why we need a community: Sometimes emotional pain does not make sense.

The most important secret about understanding and seeing the sense of our emotional pain is when we start making choices that will impact our lives positively.

I’ll like to tell a very touching story about Miss Mary, who went through the pain and emotional agony of the Coronavirus infection while coping with the struggle of raising her daughter. She almost gave up by committing suicide but she persevered because of the choice her daughter made her to make, and eventually survived.

Miss Mary is a single mother working as a receptionist at a small advertising agency. Due to her continuous interaction with different clients, she contracted the Coronavirus and eventually found herself in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a very expensive healthcare facility. She was under intensive care for 3 weeks.

Her entire life savings was exhausted due to the treatments and medication bills. Her daughter, Vanessa, and her family members (her elder brother and younger sister), co-workers, Doctors, Nurses, and other survivors of Covid-19, were all supporting her while she was in the hospital. Her daughter was always crying and praying for her survival.

Due to the piling medical bills and the cost of keeping her alive at the hospital, she requested that all her family members come and see her in the ICU. She made a decision, and with tears running down her cheeks, she told all of them that she was going to end her life. From that day, she refused to take any medications given to her. But one day, her daughter intervened by going to her in the ICU, with tears in her eyes, she said “Mummy, please live for me”.

After hearing these words, she decided to choose to fight the infection, she started taking her medications again and told her daughter to always speak those words to her anytime she comes to her bedside. Gradually, Miss Mary recovered and eventually left the hospital.

Upon resuming back to the office, she pondered about what transpired at the hospital. She could not make sense of why she had to go through so much physical and emotional pain, together with her family members and her daughter, and then recovered after her daughter requested that she should live for her.

She later realized that her situation started changing when she chose to live again for her daughter and acted upon that choice. She realized that we can only make sense of our emotional pain when we decide to start making small positive choices that will redirect our lives in the direction, we want it to go.

But wait a minute, Miss Mary did not just choose to fight and live, on her own. She made that decision after her daughter demanded, she should “live for her”. She also had the support of her family members, Doctors, Nurses, and Co-workers during her ordeal in the hospital.

She had a team of people there supporting her every step of the way, keeping her accountable and making sure she was taking the actions she needed, to reach her goals of recovering from the Covid-19 virus infection. She had people with real compassion and love for her, whom she could ask for help and get immediate answers to her concerns. Again, she had people that challenged her and gave her new ideas and approaches to looking at her situations, which she implemented in fighting for her survival.

In Summary, even after Miss Mary chose to stay alive, she had people who supported her. She had a COMMUNITY. And that is exactly why I created the S.A. Bestlives blog for us to share and consider some winning tips on how we can understand and make sense of our emotionally painful experiences and overcome them.

Because I understand that just information on its own is not enough. You need support from others to keep you committed and on track.

I’m inviting you to join a community of passionate individuals seeking to understand their emotional pain through the S.A. Bestlive’s Blog. I hope you’ll immerse yourself in the community and share your progress in getting to understand and make sense of your pain along the way.

The journey to completely make sense of and understand any pain takes time and commitment, and as long as you can supply that, the community will supply what you need to understand to overcome your pain.

I’m super excited for you to be an awesome addition to this blogging community and get to know you.

See you soon!


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